March 20/21 2020


Techno Television Livestream

From NDSM Music Studios 

Labels, DJ’s and Music Masterclasses



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Live Stream Techno Television for our techno tribe 


The First Ever Digital &
Universal Rave

(at home!)

Homerave – the First Ever Digital & Universal Rave (at home)

All horeca has closed down as of 6PM March 15 until April 6th, at least. With the presence of serious treats for our wellbeing by #COVID19, when the number of infected is skyrocketing worldwide, IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED TO STAY HOME & STAY SAFE. We also see the negative effect this has on our beloved Techno scene and its artists who shine a light on all our lives with their music.

Therefore, our NDSM Music Crew has come up with a solution. Our next event will be Digital-Only! This coming weekend, expect a variety of top artists that will rock your shoes. Livestreamed to your home, your couch, your living room which you can easily turn into a dancefloor. And you can post your dancing or chilling scales and make it an actual universal rave.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, #Homerave with us!

***With our event, we wish to help the ones in need. There are people who can’t go home. Our Crew together with the Artists who will perform during the upcoming Digital Sessions are working towards a solution for their housing situation through our event.

NDSM Sessions: #Homerave.



Amsterdam Dance Event  – Official Venue




Live stream Television – Techno Sets from the Amsterdam Dockyards




Rose Flower 

16.00 – Grasduinen (live, modular synths only)

17.00 – DJ C-los

18.00 – Shane Belles

19.00 – Matth Tunes (mix and live)

  1. Blue Eye

    20.00 – Olivia Jones

    21.00 – Wietze Young

    22.00 – Mind Your Step (hybrid)

    23.30 – Bands and Gown (hybrid)


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