Techno at its best. Techno television from the Amsterdam NDSM Dockyards.
New in the Amsterdam dance scene.
Dance like nobody is watching… Yes, like because DJ’s playing at NDSM sessions will perform their skills in a live stream and you can be there. Dance and share your love for music. Techno music. Be there to dance with us or watch and listen to the live streams at home. Either way be part of the tribe.
Their are limited tickets available for the party in the old, historic rave bunker so make sure to pick your favourite live stream, attend on Facebook and be on time to move your feet and have the best time at an intimate, small-scale party where people at home would rather be.
Official Partner of Amsterdam Dance Event 2019.
Licensed Live Streaming, BUMA Stemra.
Professional live streamed and recorded Television Techno sets at NDSM Music Studios. NDSM Music Studios is situated in a monumental shipyard at the Amsterdam Dockyards NDSM, right at the heart of the safe haven of artistic Amsterdam. International DJ’s and music lovers making a professional audio & video recording to be shared with our techno tribe:
NDSM Sessions.
With ADE there will be two sessions a day. Check our Facebook events and get your ticket. Limited tickets available.
After ADE we will continue with NDSM sessions once per two weeks on Saturday evening. Just before the clubs open, you can warm up at your own pre party: go to Or attend a recording at NDSM Music Studios. Check out the DJ’s for the next live stream sets. The sessions will be available on our YouTube channel, NDSM Sessions.
Resident DJ’s: Matth Tunes, Valerio Sinatra, Bands and Gown