Worldwide Techno TV – Dance like nobody is watching on our Live Stream and Pro recordings with DJ’s performing their skills. Be there to dance with us. Or watch and listen to the live streams at home or on your way. There are limited tickets available for each Worldwide Techno TV live stream and recording.
In our first year (2019) more than 35 DJs with among others Mia Mendi, Man With No Shadow, Indepth, Minitech Project, Camiel Daamen Tuhin Mehta and other international DJ’s.
NDSM Music Studios – we are situated in a monumental shipyard at the Amsterdam Dockyards NDSM, right at the heart of the safe haven of artistic Amsterdam. International DJ’s and music lovers making a professional audio & video recording to be shared with our techno tribe. Let us know when you are around for a private tour.
Amsterdam Dance Event – we are an Official Venue of Amsterdam Dance Event. Check our 2019 recordings on our YouTube Channel. Bookings are coming in for ADE 2020; get ready for the 25th anniversary of ADE. On our Worldwide Techno TV for everyone available.
NDSM Records – Not your usual record label. Melodic with our Rose Flower EPs and tracks and Yellow Sun Tapes. Techno with our Blue Eye EPs and tracks and Silver Moon Sets. Now with Matth Tunes, Shane Belles, Camiel Daamen, Mia Mendi and Bands and Gown and soon with other top DJ/producers.
Bookings – NDSM Music hosts stages in clubs, festivals and (private) parties all over the world. Please contact us for more information: and we get asap back to you.
Requests for NDSM Sessions – record labels, party organisations and potential partners and sponsors can send their requests to
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Official venue of Amsterdam Dance Event 2019.
Licensed Live Streaming, BUMA Stemra.